Announcing SuiteHop, A New Service for Sports Shares Members

Over the last few months you may have heard about our recently launched luxury suite marketplace- SuiteHop. We are very excited about the expanded opportunities that SuiteHop will provide to you, our valued Sports Shares Members, and are thrilled to be able to offer all Members 10% off any order placed through SuiteHop.

Sports Shares Members and our membership offerings remain the core of our business, and we’re really excited about accelerating our growth into new membership markets on the heels of SuiteHop.

With hundreds of venues hosting thousands of events across the nation, luxury suites have remained difficult to access. We’ve built phenomenal relationships with teams, venues and suite owners that are anxious to make their suites available to a broader universe of businesses and individuals through our online marketplace.

SuiteHop will allow you to book full private suites, and in some cases, individual seats in suites across North America. While we won’t be offer to provide many of the high-touch services (catering, in-suite concierge, guaranteed pricing) you have come to expect as a member, through SuiteHop, your reach to new cities and venues will expand dramatically, and you will get 10% off all SuiteHop purchases.

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions and let your Member Service Manager know if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What added benefits do I receive as a Sports Shares Member?

If you wish to attend an event outside your market using SuiteHop you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Sports Shares Membership will always include an all-inclusive suite experience, dedicated member service manager, in suite concierge and customized white glove services. Members attend events in their exclusive suite, alongside other members. No Sports Shares Suite with members in attendance is open to the public or available for sale through SuiteHop. Members receive first right of refusal to the best events in town! Purchasing tickets in other cities through SuiteHop does not include concierge service, catering or customized packages.

How does SuiteHop impact the level of service I receive?

SuiteHop will not change the level of service received by members. SuiteHop allows us to serve businesses and individuals who are not a good fit for membership.

Are suite ticket prices ‘better’ though SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is not a bargain liquidator of tickets. Prices listed are set by suite owners and venues and may vary widely due to market conditions. All SuiteHop Listings reflect our all-in pricing model where you will never experience service, handling or shipping fees.

Who owns the suites listed on SuiteHop?

We verify suite owners who wish to list their suites on SuiteHop to ensure that they are reliable and legitimate. Suites may be owned by businesses in existing suite leases or the venues themselves.

What you need to know about getting access to the new College Football National Championship game.

High prices, inflated markets, big demand:  What you need to know about getting access to the new College Football National Championship game.

On January 12, 2015 a new era of college football will kick off with the first ever playoff-based National Championship game. The new format will include the top  teams in the country squaring off in semifinals played in bowl games, with the winners of each punching their tickets to AT&T Stadium for the National Championship.

Demand is certain to be high, but there are several things to consider about the market for premium seating and luxury suites for the Championship.

1.)  Be Prepared to Pay Up. Big Time.

One of the selling points of the new playoff system, according to the college football power brokers, is that more revenue will be generated for schools and conferences (not the players!). Beyond the astronomical TV rights deal (ESPN paid $7.3 BILLION for the rights to broadcast the first 12 Championships), another revenue generator that really sticks it to fans, is in the face value costs of the tickets and luxury suites. “Game Day” packages—which include a ticket, a pre-game cattle call party and a game program— start at $1,900 each for a seat in the upper deck of Jerry World. Interested in hosting a group in a Luxury Suite? Better start carving out that budget now, because the official suite packages are $4k per ticket.

2.)  Game Day Planning: A Lot of Suites, A Lot of Money, Little Time to Plan

The new playoff format replaces the often controversial, but successful BCS Championship game. The market for tickets and suites for the BCS Championship game in the recent history does not support the pricing being offered for the NCG. For example, last year’s BCS Championship was held at the Rose Bowl, which has  60 suites. The Auburn vs Florida State matchup was set a month before the game, which allowed ample time for fans and companies alike to make their plans to get to the game. Suites were sold on the primary and secondary market for $2,500 to $3,500 per ticket. At AT&T Stadium there are 350 suites, and the matchup for the game will be determined 11 days before game day. That’s a lot of suites, and not a lot of time for fans of the teams participating to get their $4k per person together (on top of the inflated hotel rooms, flights, rental cars, etc).

3.)  Secondary Market:  Inflated by the Primary Market

One of the perks of owning a suite on a long-term lease at AT&T Stadium is access to events like the National Championship Game. In the past this was a nice value add for suite owners, who would get offered tickets to events at a reasonable rate, that could help justify the multi-million dollar commitment to the suite. However, as the NCAA has become more interested in increasing revenues, the offers made to suite owners have gotten far less advantageous. Suite owners have been made an offer to purchase their suites for $1,600 per seat, and $1k per Standing Room Only ticket. So, while there will certainly be an active secondary market for suites made available by suite owners, don’t expect any “deals,” as the face value is probably close to the true value of the suite tickets. And for a suite owner to make it worth selling their suite, the prices will likely be less than the official packages, but not by much. By setting the market for suites and tickets so high, the National Championship game will be best viewed on TV for all but the most well-healed fans and businesses.


It will be very interesting to see how the new playoff system plays out, and how the market for suites and tickets will fluctuate leading up to the game. What do you think? Would you or your business ever pay $4k per person for a suite?



The Scoop on the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoff Format

When the NHL announced their realignment more than a year ago, the Stanley Cup playoff format also changed.  Not only is the new division alignment difficult to remember, but the playoff bracket can be very confusing.  With the NHL Playoffs starting in less than a month, April 16th, we want to break it down it down for you so it makes more sense and is easier to understand.

Beginning with the basics, there are 4 divisions in the NHL.  The Eastern Conference (16 teams) is broken into the Atlantic Division and the Metropolitan Division.  The Western Conference (14 teams) is made up of the Central Division and the Pacific Division.


Out of the 30 NHL teams, only 16 teams will make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs; 8 teams from each conference.  In previous years, the top 8 teams from each conference would make the playoffs but this year it is more of a divisional race for a playoff berth.   We get that it is extremely confusing, but do not worry, we have you covered.  Let’s break down how the 16 teams are decided and who they face each round…

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Mark Cuban’s Refreshing Views on Sports Marketing

For the average fan, going to a game is an escape from the daily grind of life, and ideally a fun and exciting activity to be shared by friends, family, clients, or business associates. For those that work in the sports business, however, it’s not the same. Rather than an escape, the game is the job, and with that comes a perspective that might surprise most fans and companies that invest their money in a team. The great majority of sports teams have a misguided approach to how they treat their best customers, the coveted season-ticket holder. Price increases are the rule, not the exception (if you don’t believe me, google “season ticket price increases”), while arguably the product (the game experience) is relatively unchanged.

Enter Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Known for his entrepreneurial genius, Cuban’s latest blog  is a detailed description of his view of the sports business, and his philosophy is Continue reading “Mark Cuban’s Refreshing Views on Sports Marketing”

When it comes to ROI on a Ticket spend, think quality over quantity!

You know you’ve gotten the email the day or even just hours before game time from your vendor/partner/client/supplier/friend/distant cousin hooking you up with their company tickets. Gee, thanks- tickets that nobody wants!

Lots of companies that we speak with about their customer acquisition/retention strategy have this common experience with company season tickets. With very few exceptions getting all of the tickets used (much less used properly) is a huge pain. Even for the 8 game NFL regular season. What other business expense would you incur that ends up in the hands of an intern’s aunt & uncle? Why not just mail them a check?

If you are approaching your investment in sports and event tickets as a business growth tool, then for the effort that it takes to get the right people out to the right events why would you give yourself more than you can handle? If you can identify the top 10 to 20 relationships in your business, then you can create a strategic plan on how to leverage a more manageable number of events throughout the year, that make a bigger impact. Do MUCH more with less.

Don’t be that guy/girl……don’t send the “please take these tickets off my hands” emails!

Some Tips for Putin to be a Better Suite Host

One would think President Vladimir Putin would be a black belt in oligarch entertainment by now but the photos released from his plush Olympic Opening Ceremonies suite show otherwise.  No food or drinks.  Only one guest?  What gives? Sports Shares has three quick tips for Mr. Putin to guide him to a better effort at the Closing Ceremonies. Continue reading “Some Tips for Putin to be a Better Suite Host”

Four Reasons Why YOU Should Invest in Client Entertainment

Whether you are wooing new clients or renewing current contracts for the year ahead, a continued investment in client entertainment is a must. Create a winning client entertainment strategy with Sports Shares, where we include meals, beverages and entertainment all wrapped into one. Plus, with our MVP Services & Amenities, your prospects and clients are sure to be impressed!

FOUR REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD INVEST IN CLIENT ENTERTAINMENT?  Continue reading “Four Reasons Why YOU Should Invest in Client Entertainment”

That Customer In the Box could be worth $50M!

As the Super Bowl approaches we’d like to share a great article written before the big game last year.  Our friends at TMS hit the nail on the head on why luxury suites can be so effective.

“When you control that much revenue in a suite for four hours, it’s a no brainer!”

Click here to read the Forbes article.